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JUTE Theatre Company is proud to be regionally-based, with the role of delivering distinctive new work that challenges, inspires
and resonates with the cultural diversity of Far North Queensland and beyond. We do this through a wide range of inclusive
programs of new work development, productions and touring, our Dare to Dream regional and remote tours with residencies, training, mentorship and community outreach.

Current Programs


A new work arising from JUTE’s Write Sparks 2020 and JUTE’s Writer-in-residence program 2021, ‘Cloud Song’ comes from author Marilyn Marsh-Booth’s lived experience as one of the world’s first trained female commercial pilots in the late 1960’s, when despite being in the age of women’s liberation, certain careers were considered hopelessly out of reach for women. In fact, the aviation industry, like many others, remains stalwartly male-dominated even in 2021. This play is a call to be brave. It is a call to young women today to never accept the word ‘no’ to their career dreams on the basis of their gender. Join us on December 10th at Bulmba-ja for a special evening featuring the outcome of this Creative Development followed by a JUTE Revue, celebrating JUTE’s 30th anniversary, Christmas and more! MORE INFO

La Bella Figura took me on a journey, actually a roller coaster ride! The actors did such an incredible job of telling their story – with comedy and deep emotions. There was anger and pain with suffering, light hearted jokes. Oh I could see it over and over, just absolutely wonderful. I left feeling full in my heart. Congratulations to all involved.

Saw “The Longest Minute” in Townsville last night. May have just become my most enjoyable theatre experience ever. Absolute corker. I laughed, ugly cried, and got goosebumps. Thanks JUTE.


Sponsors and partners are more than just a means of financially supporting our JUTE Theatre Company productions and
programs. JUTE believes in creating relationships that make a difference in the way people, businesses and communities
see themselves and each other. We believe that joining hands together with other theatre companies, individual artists and
with businesses who want to invest in the Arts creates more joy, more understanding, better regions, greater opportunities
and more capacity for the entire arts sector in our region.

Acknowledgement of Country

JUTE wishes to pay respects to Elders, past, present and emerging, of the lands where we work, live and perform. JUTE
acknowledges the Traditional Owners & Custodians of this land as well as the many regional areas where we visit, tour and
produce work. We recognise that these lands have always been places of art and story-telling.