Marilyn Marsh-Booth

Higher Faster Louder by Marilyn Marsh-Booth

JUTE Theatre Company proudly presents its latest production, Higher Faster Louder, a new play born from the remarkable experiences of Marilyn Marsh-Booth, one of the world’s first female commercial pilots during the transformative era of women’s liberation in the 1960s. 

Fast and furiously funny, this play challenges the status quo and persistent gender barriers that continue to linger in our modern world.

Higher Faster Louder reminds audiences that true change often comes from courage and perseverance, embracing the unknown, and pushing the boundaries of possibility. Be brave and never give up on your dreams. 

Prepare to be moved as Marilyn’s story unfolds on stage, flying the highs and the lows of what it takes to change the world. The sky is not the limit—it’s just the beginning.

Friday 25/8 7.30pm (Opening Night function 6pm)
Saturday 26/8 7.30pm
Tuesday 29/8 6.30pm
Wednesday 30/8 6.30pm
Thursday 31/8 Matinee 11am and Evening 7.30pm
Friday 1/9 7.30pm
Saturday 2/9 7.30pm

(suitable for youth in Grade 7 and up)

Audience warnings:
Theatrical haze
Suitable for grades 7 and up (age 12 and over)

Suellen Maunder
Julia Allman
Elizabeth Slattery
Kyle Walmsley


Creative Team:
Marilyn Marsh-Booth – Playwright
Kathryn Ash – Dramaturg
Matt Scholten – Director
Sam Gibb – Production Manager and Lighting Designer
Peter Keavy – 
Set, props and costume Designer 
Russell Milledge – 
Projection Designer
Wil Hughes – Composer and Sound Designer
Esther Elder – Stage Manager
Brennan Ridge – Sound intern

For the creative team bios and production program, click here

Caroline Mudge – original artwork for poster

Funders, partners and sponsors:

JUTE Theatre Company is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

“Higher Faster Louder – Production of a New Regional Theatre Work” is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Thank you to JCU and Bonemap for the provision of projection equipment. 


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Higher Faster Louder (Formerly Cloud Song) Second Creative Development and Showcase August 2022

Post 2022 Showcase Audience Feedback

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