DATES: 11-12 and 15-19 MARCH
TIMES: Fri and Sat: 7.30pm – 8.50pm
Tue – Thurs 6.30pm and Thursday matinee 11am. 

Mish is a social media influencer, well a micro-influencer, but she just knows she can be at the top of her game.  Her husband Craig has just got himself an unlikely promotion that could catapult him into an elite political circle. They are primed and ready for the important job of making Queensland great again.

The only thing stopping them is Mish’s family.

Meet the Diamonds: Roz Diamond, an egalitarian University library worker disturbed by the growing tide of censorship and Lenny Diamond, an outspoken rapper awaiting trial for his anti-patriotic lyrics.

When brother Lenny, plagued by surveillance from the over-reaching police state, takes up residence under his mother’s crumbling Queenslander,  and mother Roz takes to hiding her activities, life for Mish becomes increasingly complicated.

Her loyalties are split between her husband’s powerful family and her embarrassingly non-compliant mother and brother.  How far will she go to protect her future from them?  

A darkly humorous play strapped tightly between frightening truths and vicious lies, ‘Queenslander’ pre-empts a possible future of crumbling human rights, community discord and a very Big Brother indeed.

‘Queenslander’ is a family political drama set in an iconic ‘Queenslander’ home, in a future besieged by a new political world order where freedom gives way to spurious notions of public security. 

Featuring: Julia Allman, Andrew RJ Warren, Patrick Mays, Madonna Davies
Playwright: Sue Chamberlain
Director: Suellen Maunder
Dramaturg: Kathryn Ash
Set Designer: Simone Tesorieri
Costume Designer: Simona Cosentini
Production Manager and Lighting Designer: Sam Gibb
Stage Manager: Rachel Bradley
Sound Designer and Composer: Tony Brumpton
Fight Director: Andy Fraser
Co-lyricist: Buttah

Queenslander in the media

Production and promotional images

Production photos: Paul Furse / Frontrow Foto
Promotional (composite) images: Mick Fuhrimann

‘Queenslander’ was a recipient of the 2021 Creative Power Award. 

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