A new online course, Behind the Curtain with Sam Gibb

JUTE is excited and proud to present Behind the Curtain, a new JUTE Behind the Scenes online course for anyone wanting to learn the ropes of technical production. And dare I say it, be just like Sam!

All good theatre companies need people behind the scenes to make stuff happen because, as we know, theatre is not just about the actors and directors; there is a cast of many, including the all-important set, sound, and lighting designers.  So too, there are production managers.  Sam Gibb has been involved in almost every JUTE Theatre Company production since 2011. He is one guy that makes stuff happen.

“The magic of theatre, to this day…even after 20 plus years in the industry, remains one of my greatest wonders. The extensive detail, the array of skill and knowledge, the vast layers of technology, the web of complex processes…. all contribute to bringing theatre to life.
“On this journey of learning and discovery, we aim to give you a solid insight into the inner workings of technical theatre…the raw and unique world going on behind the curtain. We will visit, in detail, the main principles of technical theatre. Lighting Design, Audio Design, Video Design, and the technical production skills of production management bring all these design elements together. Each module will contain an overview and practical exercises,” said Sam.

Start your year by learning something new and make the most of our Behind the Scenes course special of only $99! Click here to get started.