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About Us

JUTE Theatre Company

From humble beginnings in regional obscurity, stretched and moulded through years of hard work, fuelled by tenacity, rigour and persistence, JUTE Theatre Company has become a dynamic, award-winning, nationally regarded new work theatre company, sitting at the forefront of industry practice and consistently seeking new boundaries to explore in theatre practice.

Over time, our story has developed a compelling plot; one that twists and turns, adapts and refines, delivering extraordinary experiences time after time. But our story is also grounded in reality, with a clear eye on the practical challenges of the current world and foreseeable landscape.

From its base in North Queensland, JUTE is uniquely placed to champion regional artists and create new audiences. Our region is teeming with cultural influences from Asia, the Pacific, Italy, Greece, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, and has a significant First Nations population.

Drawing on over three decades of industry experience, JUTE is a crucible in which new stories and perspectives are forged that inspire our communities and allow us all to reimagine ourselves through powerful shared theatre experiences. JUTE yields the floor to regional voices to examine the marginal, the unexplored, the unforeseen, to create stories that impact us deeply and change our world.

We do this through a wide range of inclusive programs of new work development, productions and touring, our Dare to Dream regional and remote tours with residencies, training, mentorship and community outreach. 

Mission statement

At JUTE Theatre Company, our mission is to ignite and inspire the human spirit through the transformative power of live theatre.

We are committed to creating and presenting exceptional theatrical experiences that engage, challenge, and entertain our diverse audience. We strive to be a catalyst for meaningful conversations and social change, using the stage as a platform to explore pressing contemporary issues and amplify underrepresented voices.

Through our thought-provoking productions, we aim to foster empathy, understanding, and connection within our community. We believe in the power of storytelling to bridge divides, promote dialogue, and cultivate a more inclusive society.

With a dedication to artistic excellence, we nurture emerging talent and collaborate with established artists, fostering a creative environment that nurtures innovation, experimentation, and risk-taking. We embrace diversity in all its forms and actively seek to reflect the rich tapestry of our world on our stages.

As a cornerstone of our region’s cultural landscape, we are committed to making theatre accessible to all. We engage in educational outreach programs, reaching out to schools, community centres, and marginalised communities, to cultivate a lifelong appreciation for the arts and provide opportunities for individuals to discover their own artistic voices.

Through our unwavering passion for theatre, we aim to create lasting memories, challenge assumptions, and inspire a sense of wonder in our audiences. Together, we embark on a journey of discovery, enlightenment, and shared humanity, enriching lives one performance at a time.


To be a vibrant and inclusive theatre powerhouse, fueling creative storytelling that transforms and illuminates both on and off stage. We aim to be a catalyst for connection and change, generating impactful moments that inspire dialogue and cultivate a sense of belonging within our community.


To passionately amplify the voices and stories of our regional communities, JUTE Theatre Company fearlessly fosters empathy, compassion, and connection through transformative and inclusive theatrical experiences.


Culture and Place
We value the unique cultural heritage and sense of place in our region. We honour and celebrate the stories, traditions, and diversity that define our community, infusing them into our work with deep respect and appreciation.

Powerful Theatre
We believe in the transformative power of theatre. We strive to create bold and impactful theatrical experiences that challenge, inspire, and provoke emotions. Our commitment to excellence drives us to push boundaries, embracing innovation and risk-taking in our artistic endeavours.

Unheard Voices
We are dedicated to giving voice to those whose stories are often overlooked or marginalised. We actively seek out and uplift the voices of underrepresented individuals and communities, creating a platform for their narratives to be heard and valued.

Tenacity and Rigour
We approach our work with unwavering determination, demonstrating tenacity and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We maintain a rigorous artistic and professional standard, continuously refining our craft and pushing ourselves to achieve new heights.

Audacity with Courage
We foster audacity in our artistic vision, encouraging boldness, creativity, and innovation. We embrace courageous storytelling that addresses social, political, and cultural issues head-on, using theatre as a tool for reflection, dialogue, and positive change.

These values guide our actions, shape our collaborations, and inform our decisions at every stage of our creative process. They reflect our deep commitment to culture, powerful theatre, amplifying unheard voices, tenacity, and the courage to push boundaries.

What we do

Develop new works and engage with audiences;
Tour and provide accessible, high-quality theatre to regional and remote communities;
Share lived experiences that resonate with the local community;
Build relevant skills and provide FNQ with industry experience and support for emerging artists;
Foster connected communities by partnering with community organisations, government departments, funders, sponsors, mentors and industry bodies;
Provide qualitative and quantitative input into the research and development of relevant programs and policies.

Key programs

Write Sparks script development programs
Most of JUTE’s work arises from our script development programs where JUTE works with a diversity of new and emerging storytellers to develop their craft and their stories for stage.  JUTE supports storytellers over many years creating a community of artists connected to theatre. From time to time, JUTE also runs an online writing program, Write Out Loud. 

Creative Developments
An essential component of the development of new work is the testing and dramaturgical reshaping of the work through the creative development process. Each week-long process culminates in a public showcase, engaging the audience in the behind the scenes insights into the creation of theatre while developing an investment in the artists and the upcoming production of the work.

Production Seasons of new works
Our writing programs and commissions bring forth a range of stories that challenge, explore and expose contemporary themes.  While the themes can be challenging they are told through captivating stories that resonate with an audience on emotional, intellectual and visceral levels. These stories might include migration, racism, cultural heritage, women’s rights, domestic and sexual violence, mental health, environment, disability and LGBTIQ stories.

Dare to Dream Indigenous Theatre Tour and residency program
The Dare to Dream program exists to promote positive Indigenous stories by Indigenous writers, to provide access to remote Far North Queensland/Cape York communities to quality Indigenous theatre, showcasing leadership in the residency program from the all-Indigenous cast and crew in order to support young Indigenous people to voice their aspirations for the future.

JUTE Actors Studio
JAS is crafted to meet the needs of the students, the company and the broader capacity building of artists from the region, providing pathways through craft development while building resilience, self-confidence, problem solving and focus.

Theory of Change

What do we do, how do we do it and why?

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JUTE Staff

Suellen Maunder
Artistic Director / CEO

Kathryn Ash
Senior Creative Producer

Monica Stevens
Creative Producer

Jessica Lamb
Creative Producer – DARTS

Serena Thompson
Production Assistant

Gabrielle Thomasz
Business Development / Marketing Manager

Nadia Thompson
Office Administrator


Nathan Taiaroa
Nicole Spencer


Company Opportunities


EOI – Theatre Professionals

JUTE is always keen to hear from experienced professional theatre workers including Designers,  Workshop Facilitators, Productions Managers, and Directors living in the Far North. So if you are new to the North or thinking of migrating here, we’d love to talk about future engagement opportunities JUTE might have for you.

Please submit your CV and covering letter to info@jute.com.au.
For further information, please contact us directly on 07 4281 6832


Create change with small change

Help us tell the real stories of regional Australia with a tax-deductible donation to JUTE Theatre Company. Watch the power of performance turn small change
donations into boundless joy – touching the masses and elevating the spirit of the community one show at a time.
A donation to JUTE goes further than a single performance or season. Your support helps create jobs for locals spanning set designers to tickets sellers; it raises the
profile of theatre in regional Australia; and importantly, it encourages aspiring creative artists to believe in themselves, because the community believes in them.
You can support JUTE Theatre Company and your local community by making a single payment, regular contribution, or through a sponsorship package.

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