About US

About Us

JUTE Theatre Company

JUTE’s story is a simple one; the best stories are. Like all the best stories, ours is rich with courage, resilience, hope and joy. It began with a simple passionate idea, yet one that has endured for almost 30 years, engaging the talents and the hearts of artists and audiences alike. Over time, our story has developed a compelling plot; one that twists and turns, adapts and refines, delivering satisfying experiences time after time. But our story is also grounded in reality; with a clear eye on the practical challenges of the current world and foreseeable landscape.

It is a story with no denouement in sight – for it has a vision, a mission and a strategy to build upon its past successes and to forge ahead into a bright and ambitious future.

Board of Directors

Gillian Townsend

Karyn Weller

Saurav Kataria

John Paul Fischbach

Patricia Courtenay

David Layt

Suellen Maunder


JUTE Staff

Suellen Maunder
Artistic Director / CEO

Kathryn Ash
Creative Producer

Monica Stevens
Creative Producer

Gabrielle Thomasz
Business Development / Marketing Manager

Narelle Paisley
Business Operations Manager

Tanyha James
Administration Assistant

Nathan Taiaroa

Company Opportunities


EOI – Theatre Workshop Facilitators

JUTE is looking for EOI’s from experienced Theatre Workshop Facilitators for future opportunities in the Cairns region

Annual Reports

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Strategic Direction

JUTE’s core focus is carving out a niche for its work, its artists and growing the cultural capital of Far North Queensland.

Read more by downloading our Strategic Direction overview.


Create change with small change

Help us tell the real stories of regional Australia with a tax-deductible donation to JUTE Theatre Company. Watch the power of performance turn small change
donations into boundless joy – touching the masses and elevating the spirit of the community one show at a time.
A donation to JUTE goes further than a single performance or season. Your support helps create jobs for locals spanning set designers to tickets sellers; it raises the
profile of theatre in regional Australia; and importantly, it encourages aspiring creative artists to believe in themselves, because the community believes in them.
You can support JUTE Theatre Company and your local community by making a single payment, regular contribution, or through a sponsorship package.

Your tax-deductible donation will go back into North Queensland


Why should you support
JUTE Theatre Company?

JUTE Theatre Company is a not-for-profit organisation that champions the evolution and
sustainability of the arts in Cairns. Our vision is to see our community flourish through the development, production and sheer magic of theatre.

Regardless of size, every business has an opportunity to support JUTE Theatre Company. We have sponsorship packages available, and exclusive corporate partnership opportunities through JUTE’s CorporARTS Circle.

Become a corporate partner

By applying to join JUTE’s corporate partnership program, the CorporARTS Circle, your business can be part of something much larger than your mission statement. The CorporARTS Circle supports the growth and development of JUTE’s core artistic programs – programs that nurture new talent, employ locals and entertain people of all ages and interests. Partners receive exclusive
benefits, some of which can be passed on to
clients and staff.

Apply to become a CorporARTS Circle member
by contacting info@jute.com.au.

Size doesn’t matter

Regardless of size, your business can make a
valuable contribution to JUTE and the wider Cairns Community. Talk to us about sponsorship and partnership opportunities or to obtain a copy of our current sponsorship prospectus.

For more information on how your business can contribute to JUTE and the wider Cairns  Community,
please contact us on 07 4281 6832 or via
email at info@jute.com.au.


Our home at Bulmba-ja Arts Centre is committed to appropriate cultural protocols being in place. JUTE is also committed
to ensuring appropriate cultural protocols are observed across all our programs, and particularly our First Nations Programs.

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