Dare to Dream

About Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream is about the transformative power of theatre at its most simple, most raw, most potent.

JUTE Theatre Company initiated the ‘Dare to Dream’ program with the intention of featuring new theatre works by, about and for First Nations peoples. JUTE initially commissions a First Nations playwright to create the work, assembles teams of First Nations creatives to rehearse and produce the work before the residency program takes performances and First Nations creative teams to regional and remote communities for up to ten weeks. The team stays in each community for a week after the performance, working for the school day with a group of students creating their own stories of hope. The students then get to perform their own version of Dare to Dream at the end of the week back to their community. This program is big. This program is changing lives. 

 Nothing else like it currently exists in Australia. 

Dare to Dream was a brilliant experience for our students, especially in terms of the residency for Indigenous students, culminating in a performance to Elders. It was a professional operation from beginning to end and we are looking forward very much to their return.

James Wall (Head of Department, English Drama), Mossman State High School


JUTE piloted the program through commissioning the work ‘Proppa Solid’ by Stephen Oliver. The creation of this work was informed through consultations with Traditional Owners and Elders and their desire to have young people learn about and value culture through seeing performances featuring positive stories about Indigenous experience and featuring Indigenous professionals as role models.

In 2018, JUTE toured Bukal by Indigenous Australian playwright Andrea James with Henrietta Marrie. In 2019, Dare to Dream toured the award-winning show The Longest Minute by Rob Kronk and Indigenous Australian playwright Nadine McDonald-Dowd.

In 2021, JUTE is touring two Dare to Dream productions with exciting new works by Indigenous Australian playwright and director Isaac Drandic.

Over the years, in order to be able to bring Dare to Dream to the various communities, JUTE has partnered with ArTour, Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Partnerships and the Department of Education, and is generously supported by the Tim Fairfax Foundation. Our first tour in 2021 is also supported by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Dare to Dream is an initiative to develop the capacity of JUTE Theatre Company to deliver ongoing Indigenous programs to regional and remote communities in Queensland.

Key Objectives:

  • Engage Indigenous young people in education
  • Nurture the aspirations of Indigenous young people through celebration of Indigenous success stories and exposure to positive role models.
  • Provide opportunities for Indigenous young people to build their self-confidence and self esteem, team work, writing and performance, self-expression
  • Provide access to theatre/based skills development to Indigenous young people
  • Build the capacity of schools and teachers to understand, engage and respond to the needs of Indigenous students through the development of material aligned with the Australian Curriculum.
  • Stories are only written by First Nations artists
  • These stories are based on First Nations people and experiences
  • Work is produced by JUTE with First Nations artists and groups
  • Work is created for First Nations peoples
  • Dare to Dream only deliver positive stories of aspiration and inspiration

A touring program targeting Indigenous communities consisting of an all-Indigenous cast and crew:

  • One new Indigenous theatre work developed, produced and toured each year
  • One week in each community
  • Ten regional and remote communities per year in Far North Queensland, Cape and Torres Strait
  • One school performance of touring show
  • Four school days of intensive workshops with young people
  • Student showcase of work developed at end of the week
  • One community performance of touring show

JUTE has consistently toured regional and remote communities with its Dear to Dream program. Here is a map of destinations visited thus far:

Recent Dare to Dream Productions

Winner of the Queensland and National Award for Planning Excellence (Community Wellbeing and Diversity) from the Planning Institute of Australia 


Eric is a 10-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a dare – devil motor-cross champion just like his hero, Chad Reed. Eric lives with his grandmother (nan), who has laid down the law about motorbikes and road safety. Nan insists Eric wear a crash helmet and he is not allowed to practice with other kids. Eric wonders how is ever going to be a champion with such tough rules. Nan has good reason to be cautious; both Eric’s parents died a few years back in a car crash when someone threw a rock at their moving car. Eric alone survived the crash because he was wearing a seat belt. One night Eric’s cousin Dennis tempts him to sneak out and ride the practice tracks…without his helmet. How off track can he go? Between playing it safe and taking risks, Eric has to find a way of making his dream come true; which just happen means getting back on track and listening to his own instinct – and his nan.

2022 Touring schedule

  • Mossman: 23 – 26 May
  • Herberton: 30 May – 2 June
  • Abergowrie: 6 – 10 June
  • Bamaga: 20 – 23 June
  • Tully: 11 – 14 July
  • Mapoon: 18 – 21 July
  • Weipa 25 – 28 July
  • Aurukun 1 – 4  August
  • Lockhart 8 – 11 August

2021 Touring schedule

  • Yarrabah: 27 – 30 April
  • Djarragun: 4 – 8 May
  • Pormpuraaw: 17 – 21 May
  • Kowanyama: 24 – 28 May
  • Mapoon: 31 May – 4 June

Cast: Back on Track

Leonard Donahue
Taeg Twist

Creative Team Back on Track

Playwright: Isaac Drandic 
Director: Nathan Maynard (2022) / Isaac Drandic (2021)
Set, Props & Costume Designer: Hayley Gillespie
Composer: David Hudson

Stage Manager: PJ Rosas
Creative Producer: Monica Stevens
Photography/Videography: FrontRow Fotos



12-year-old Djirra is a science whizz; she knows how to make a robot walk and volcano pop bright coloured fizz. Her hero is David Unaipon- you know the bloke who’s on the Australian $50 note! He was an Australian Indigenous inventor, and just like him, Djirra wants to make an invention that changes the world for the better … the world’s greatest ever invention! But what?? Djirra is excited that the school science fair is coming up and she wants to take out top prize with a great invention. She’s got some competition, though. Her classmate and archrival in the invention game, Kevin, will do anything to take that first prize instead of her.

2021 Touring Schedule

  • Innisfail: 28 June – 2 July
  • Cooktown: 5 – 9 July
  • Mapoon: 19 – 23 July
  • Weipa: 26 – 30 July
  • Pormpuraaw: 2 – 6 August
  • Aurukun: 9 – 13 August
  • Kowanyama: 23 – 27 August
  • Mossman: 30 August – 3 September
  • Ravenshoe: 6 – 10 September
  • Innisfail: 13  – 17 September

Cast: Get your Geek on

Sean Dow
Taeg Twist

Creative Team: Get your Geek on

Playwright: Isaac Drandic 
Director: Isaac Drandic
Set, Props & Costume Designer: Simona Cosentini & Simone Tesorieri
Composers: David Hudson & Nigel Pegrum

Stage Manager: PJ Rosas
Creative Producer: Monica Stevens