Donations and gifts in wills

Support JUTE. Now or later.


Your contribution will help represent the diversity of our communities more strongly on stage, and bring their stories to life. A culture of activated, civil society will be fostered, grown and maintained and our regional communities will feel more empowered. Not only that, it will allow JUTE to deliver programs that build capacity of emerging theatre practitioners and artists and inspire young people to dream big and achieve great things. 



Help us tell the real stories of regional Australia with a tax-deductible donation to JUTE Theatre Company. Watch the power of performance turn small (or large) change donations into boundless joy – touching the masses and elevating the spirit of the community one show at a time.

A donation to JUTE goes further than a single performance or season. Your support helps create jobs for locals spanning set designers to tickets sellers; it raises the profile of theatre in regional Australia; and importantly, it encourages aspiring creative artists to believe in themselves, because the community believes in them.

You can support JUTE Theatre Company and your local community by making a single payment, regular contribution, or through a sponsorship package.





How would you like to be remembered? Or for what would you like to be remembered?

Did you know that you could make a bequest to JUTE Theatre Company and specify towards which program your gift would go? JUTE is a DGR registered charity, and your donation could go towards a range of different JUTE programs. From encouraging and funding emerging writers or actors, to our Dare to Dream tours, or future main stage production, your contribution will be highly valued and make a real difference in our Far North Queensland arts community.

Most of us have lots of day-to-day expenses to take care of and making donations may simply not be possible. However, y leaving a gift in your will, you will still make a difference, just at a deferred time. This can be done in various ways:

  • You could leave a percentage of your Estate
  • Specify an amount or sum from your Estate
  • Gift property
  • Leave a residual gift

For 30 years, JUTE has been at the forefront of theatre development in Far North Queensland and your gift in will contribute to ensuring that we can continue our work well into the future.

No matter how big or small, your contribution is appreciated, so in advance, JUTE would like to thank you for considering us to be part of your legacy in some capacity.

JUTE’s Business Development manager Gaby Thomasz is available for a confidential chat any time, if you wish to discuss how you would like to leave your gift, now, in a few months, or hopefully, a few years. You can talk about what you’d like JUTE to achieve with your gift and what specific causes are close to your heart. We’ll help you make sure that your wishes are well-documented and appropriately worded.

Gaby Thomasz
phone: 0742816832
mobile: 0459256420