Higher Faster Louder (Formerly Cloud Song) by Marilyn Marsh-Booth

A new work arising from JUTE’s Write Sparks 2020 and JUTE’s Writer-in-residence program, “Higher Faster Louder” by Marilyn Marsh-Booth unleashes a soaring tale of resilience and triumph.

Witness her extraordinary encounter with a roaring jet engine that ignites a fire within her soul, urging her to look up and break free from the chains of conformity. As she takes flight in her dreams, she discovers her ability to shape her destiny, grasping the jet plane like a tiny toy in her hand. The exhilaration she feels is palpable, and when she awakens, she knows deep within that she can truly fly.

“Higher Faster Louder” is born from the remarkable experiences of Marilyn Marsh-Booth, one of the world’s first trained female commercial pilots during the transformative era of women’s liberation in the late 1960s. Drawing upon her own journey, this play challenges the persistent gender barriers that continue to linger in our modern world. 

At the same time, Marilyn’s story teaches us the power of perseverance and courage in the face of adversity, to overcome obstacles, and never give up on our aspirations. It reminds us that true growth often comes from embracing the unknown and pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible.  

Prepare to be moved as this enchanting tale unfolds on stage, blending captivating storytelling,  humour, and an empowering message that resonates with audiences of all ages and that calls on them to be brave. 

No dream is too high to reach and with unwavering determination, the sky is not the limit—it’s just the beginning.

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