Creative Developments

A Room. A Director. A Playwright. A Creative Team. A script. That’s a creative development; a collaborative hot pot for making good scripts great.

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Creating new work is a long process. For a playwright, months sometimes years of writing can result in a draft that doesn’t quite work. So how does a playwright know for sure that the script they’ve written is the best it can be, that it will work not just on the page but on the stage in front of a live audience? A script draft can be put to the test when the writer is given access to the skills of a professional creative team, and time to work with them in a week-long creative development. It’s an intensive process with the playwright, actors, a director, a dramaturg and sometimes even designers in a room together marinating the ideas, reading, improvising, and yes, sometimes having to go back to the drawing board!

Every creative development is a unique process, flexible enough to suit what the writer and the script needs. Your script may need a cello player, a rap artist, a cultural consultant, a taxidermist, an AI expert…..JUTE supports our playwrights through this new work development process, helping to drill down into their script, making sure it’s saying exactly what the writer intends for it to say and in the best possible way. All this so that our audiences are captivated, moved, inspired by the stories we tell.

Following on from the success of JUTE’s Write Sparks 101 program for new and emerging playwrights, and the writer-in-residence program that has continued to support playwrights to develop their work, JUTE has several creative developments currently in train, bringing those creative teams together into the one room to make the scripts ready for production.


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