Creative Development Public Showcase for La Bella Figura by Frank D'Angelico, Roz Pappalardo and Kathryn Ash

6:00 PM Friday 04 December 2020

A JUTE Theatre Company Development

La Bella Figura (literally, ‘the beautiful image’), a new comedy by second-generation Italian-Aussies and Cairns locals, Frank D’Angelico and Roz Pappalardo, explains how  the Italian concept of ‘la bella figura’ has worked its often hilarious magic in their lives and careers. Established regional playwright, Kathryn Ash worked with Roz and Frank to create a narrative developed in consultation with key Italian community leaders in 2019. 

In this second creative development, the script of La Bella Figura will be layered with original songs from celebrated local composer, Rubina Kimiia. The showcase will give you a sneak peak at the new songs, tantilizing snippets of the revised script, as well as proposed set and costume designs.

    “Today Simona visits her Nonna and Nonno, and as we hang out in the Cavaleri family farm kitchen, Simona is keen to share some family photographs and learn how to cook her Nonna’s famous Siciliana sauce. But something else is bubbling away. Something awkward and possibly catastrophic. How will she tell them she is about to cross the line, making an unforgivable move that may bring social shame on her whole family?”

 ‘La Bella Figura’ is slated for JUTE production in late 2021, an ambitious arts hero event, featuring significant community engagement and participatory experiences, youth mentorship and professional development, in a landmark theatre-with-music production celebrating Cairns’ Italian heritage and shared diverse cultural narrative, a cross-artform theatre experience promoting Cairns’ cultural vibrancy. 

Director: Suellen Maunder
Designers: Simona Cosentini and Simone Tesorieri
Playwrights: Frank D’Angelico and Roz Pappalardo
Composer: Rubina Kimiia

Featuring: Frank D’Angelico and Roz Pappalardo 


The La Bella Figura Creative Development showcase will take place at 6.00pm on December 4 at Bulmba-Ja Arts Centre. 

This project is proudly funded by the Regional Arts Development Fund – The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Cairns Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.0