Isaac Drandic

Creative Development: Let There Be Light by Isaac Drandic

“Let There Be Light” is a groundbreaking theatrical project exploring the intricate interplay between ancient Aboriginal lore and Western religious faith.

Isaac, celebrated for his exceptional contributions to theatre direction, dramaturgy, playwriting, and acting, invites audiences to unravel the complexities of coexisting belief systems. With a script that delves into the truths and motivations underpinning faith, this Indigenous-led project contrasts traditional and pragmatic perspectives, navigating seamlessly between religious constructs and cultural lore.

This ambitious endeavour spans two years, weaving together a captivating narrative enriched with elements of verbatim theatre, traditional and gospel song, dance, traditional languages, and spoken word. Drawing inspiration from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rituals, as well as Christian expressions, “Let There Be Light” promises a unique and immersive experience.

Isaac Drandic has assembled a stellar team of skilled professionals, including Aboriginal Elders, Indigenous religious leaders, and a talented ensemble of actors and directors, supported by strategic partnerships with JUTE Theatre Company and Queensland Theatre.

Join us on this cultural odyssey as “Let There Be Light” unfolds its narrative, sparking introspection and dialogue about the confluence of diverse belief systems. Be part of a groundbreaking public outcome of its first Creative Development in 2024, and celebrate diversity, heritage, and the power of storytelling. 


JUTE Theatre Company and this project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.