Amber Grossmann

O, Ophelia

Dates: 4 October – 12 October 2024

Ophelia is a walking tragedy, her fate dictated by circumstances of misfortune, grief and naivety. She is the unwanted daughter of a loveless, tumultuous marriage – grappling with her identity amidst the crucial teenage years. Enter Hamish; an aloof, mysterious older boy with a penchant for chaos and eyes for Ophelia. He drags her into his underworld, and slowly erodes her agency, identity and prospects for the future. 

This modern tale of codependent relationships explores themes of coercive control and emotional abuse in young relationships, shedding light upon these important themes.

This modernised adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic text “Hamlet”, explores the role of the tragic heroine, Ophelia. In the original text, Ophelia exists solely for the furthering of the male narrative, and once she has been expended, she dies. O, Ophelia takes control of the tragic narrative and brings life and agency to this otherwise two dimensional female character.

2023 Creative Development Video

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