Dare To Dream

Since 2016, JUTE Theatre Company has been committed to our most ambitious program to date, Dare To Dream.

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This program, involving the creation, development, production and touring of inspirational new stories to regional and very remote communities of North Queensland, is made for First Nations audiences and by First Nations artists. Nothing else like it currently exists in Australia.

The annual Dare to Dream tour and residency program takes performances and First Nations creative teams to 10 regional and remote communities over 10 weeks. The team stays in each community for a week after the performance working for the school day with a group of students creating their own stories of hope. The students then get to perform their own version of Dare to Dream at the end of the week back to their community.

This program is big. This program is changing lives. It has had enormous impact on how these students and communities think about themselves and their aspirations.

JUTE’s Dare To Dream is all about the ‘if only…’ and the ‘what if…’
It’s about the transformative power of theatre at its most simple, most raw, most potent.


From Yvette Walker (Waanyi) JUTE Creative Producer: “Dare to Dream is an opportunity for humanitarian succession planning. To be a part of something that is truly life changing. An opportunity for us all to contribute and be part of a shared legacy that imprints on the imaginations, spirits, opportunities and empowerment of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged so that one day they no longer have to dare to dream, but they are living their dreamed reality. And they are showing others how to live theirs…”

In 2016, 2017 and 2018, JUTE Theatre Company partnered with ArTour, Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Partnerships and the Department of Education, in taking all-Indigenous Australian cast and crew teams with Dare to Dream works to regional and remote communities with large Indigenous Australian school populations.

JUTE initially commissions a First Nations playwright to create the work, assembles teams of First Nations creatives to rehearse and produce the work before the all-First Nations cast and crew head off on 10-week tours of up to 10 regional and remote communities.

In 2016 and 2017, we toured Proppa Solid by Indigenous Australian playwright Stephen Oliver and in 2018, Bukal by Indigenous Australian playwright Andrea James with Henrietta Marrie. In 2019, Dare to Dream will tour the award-winning show The Longest Minute by Rob Kronk and Indigenous Australian playwright Nadine McDonald-Dowd.

In 2020, JUTE plans a Dare To Dream tour with an exciting new work by Indigenous Australian playwright Mark Sheppard, currently titled Synaesthesia Part II.


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