Alice in the Antipathies

Alice in the Antipathies

by Sasi Victoire

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A JUTE Theatre Company, Masakini Theatre Company and Dr Sasi Victoire Co-production. Alice in the Antipathies is a magical transformative story of migration, told through the senses, embedded with the playwright’s own artworks depicting a life lived with a constant sense of ‘otherness’ and a relentless search for place. Beautifully layered, quick-witted and poetically laced with sadness and sweet nostalgia, Alice offers extraordinary images and a cast of vivacious characters who will envelop you in that ‘otherness’ until you long to know it as your own.

Cairns Season

05 – 12 October at Cairns Performing Arts Centre

Tour Dates

26 – 29 September, Kuala Lumpur

Asha always feels like she might be in the wrong place, in the wrong clothes, fighting with the wrong future. How boring to live in a world with just ‘words and no pictures’! After all, she is a tomboy, a free spirit, a seeker of riddles! And she was just never cut out to be that dutiful Indian daughter her parents so expected her to be.

A second-generation Indian born in Malaysia, a child of that great Indian Diaspora, it seems that Asha has inherited a restless heart.

When she is sent to be educated in Australia, so begins her curious adventure into new-found freedoms, new logic and exciting new ideas. But, in Australia, she is again just a stranger out of step with a strange land. ‘Curiouser and curiouser’ she tumbles down into a rabbit hole of Western life, while her family back in Malaysia become more and more disturbed.

Together with her imaginary Alice of Alice in Wonderland, Asha navigates a tricky voyage through romance, love, loss and reconciliation. Where is Asha going to end up and how will she know she has reached herself, in her own place, in her own clothes, with a future she is comfortable with?

See link of the video developed for the Illuminate project as part of Cairns Festival

Crew & Cast

Dr Sasi Victoire Playwright + Designer
Dr Chandrabhanu Director
Tristen Barton Sound Design & Composer
Simona Cosentini Set Designer
Simone Tesorieri Set Designer
Dr Sasi Victoire Visual Design, Costume & Props
Normah Nordin Lighting Designer
Dave Masters Vision Designer
Phraveen Arikiah Actor
Sabera Shaik Actor
Sukania Venugopal Actor
Roz Pappalardo Actor


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