Alice in the Antipodes

by Sasi Victoire

Dr Chandrabhanu as Director

Kathryn Ash as Creative Producer

A JUTE Theatre Company & Masakini Theatre Co-production. Having made a promise to the Red Queen to uphold her cultural and filial responsibilities, a naïve, curious young woman embarks on a journey far into the ‘Antipathies’. In the pursuit of self and belonging, she is immersed in the world of art in the new Wonderland, where every established rule is broken, to form new ones.

Cairns Season

11 – 19 October at JUTE Theatre, Centre of Contemporary Arts

Tour Dates

26 – 29 September, Kuala Lumpur

This multi form performance is supported by visual projections of artworks, photographs, documentary material, projections and visuals. The cross cultural sound score signifies culture, time, place and the use of smell delivery in theatre as a device to trigger memories in the narrative. As a cross and intra cultural work the work uses English, Malayalam and Bahasa Malaysian.

The Kaawad box form is used as a cultural metaphor for HOME/CULTURE. Ancient storytellers used this devise to impart social values in villages. Health authorities use similar systems now to disseminate medical information and knowledge to the masses. The Kaawad box has many opening doors that can reveal, surprise and dazzle in visual form the many issues a storyteller chooses to convey.

See link of the video developed for the Illuminate project as part of Cairns Festival


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