To Kill a Cassowary

Monday 21 - Friday 25 March

About the play

Old Amos leads an eccentric life hidden deep in the tropical rainforest of Far North Queensland’s Cassowary Coast. He’s a bohemian eco-warrior, a spiritual eclectic and a cantankerous loner but for the occasional visit from his mysterious neighbour, Josie. His idyllic existence living amongst the Orange-footed Scrub Fowl and the elusive Cassowary, however, is endangered when his estranged daughter Paula moves in. She has her eyes on his precious real estate. She has plans. Over my dead body, thinks Amos. He may be right.


Amos  Steven Tandy
Josie   Yvette Walker
Paula   Natalie Taylor


Comedy, FNQ style

Creative Team

Director: Bridget Boyle
Set & Costume Designer: Simona Cosentini
Set & Props Designer: Simone Tesorieri
Lighting Designer: Jason Glenwright
Sound Designer: Guy Webster
Projection Designer: Nathan Sibthorpe
Dramaturgy: Kathryn Ash
Voice Over Artists: David Terry & Susan Prince
Technical Consultant: Sam Gibb


Stage Manager: Teegan Kranenburg
Director Secondment: Susan Prince
Production Assistant: Dylan Hamilton-Thompson
Photography/Videography: FrontRow Fotos
Marketing Design: Astie Design
Set Construction: Just the Man Handyman and Home Maintenance