Production Seasons of new works

Our writing programs and commissions bring forth a range of stories that challenge, explore and expose contemporary themes.  While the themes can be challenging they are told through captivating stories that resonate with an audience on emotional, intellectual and visceral levels. These stories might include migration, racism, cultural heritage, women’s rights, domestic and sexual violence, mental health, environment, disability and LGBTIQ stories.

The Dare to Dream program exists to promote positive Indigenous stories by Indigenous writers, to provide access to remote Far North Queensland/Cape York communities to quality Indigenous theatre, showcasing leadership in the residency program from the all-Indigenous cast and crew in order to support young Indigenous people to voice their aspirations for the future.


An essential component of the development of new work is the testing and dramaturgical reshaping of the work through the creative development process. Each week-long process culminates in a public showcase, engaging the audience in the behind the scenes insights into the creation of theatre while developing an investment in the artists and the upcoming production of the work.

Most of JUTE’s work arises from our script development programs where JUTE works with a diversity of new and emerging storytellers to develop their craft and their stories for stage.  JUTE supports storytellers over many years creating a community of artists connected to theatre.

Do you have a story you feel passionate about? Is it bubbling away in your mind just waiting for a chance to be heard somehow? Have you ever thought about learning the craft of writing for the stage? Even if you have some experience in performance or performance writing, this course gives you so much more than just the basics. Write Out Loud offers an exciting online professional development opportunity for writers. 

JUTE Actors Studio is crafted to meet the needs of the students, the company and the broader capacity building of artists from the region, providing pathways through craft development while building resilience, self-confidence, problem solving and focus.

Industry specific workshop programs for emerging and established artists. 

Development of creative and transferable skills through theatre based programs. 

Digital Programs

coming soon!


Building the capacity of our regional artists is a priority for JUTE Theatre Company. We are interested in the way our programs
support and inspire artists to new skills, new networks and new projects.
What support do you or your community need that we are not currently offering or what programs on offer are you interested in?

If you want to find out more about how JUTE connects with artists and want to plug into our programs, learn more about us – come and see our shows, find out about our developmental programs, send us your CV, introduce yourself via email or come and see us- we want to know you, we want to extend our network to you.


JUTE Theatre Company holds Open Auditions every year.

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