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Building the capacity of our regional artists is a priority for JUTE Theatre Company. We are interested in the way our programs
support and inspire artists to new skills, new networks and new projects.
What support do you or your community need that we are not currently offering or what programs on offer are you interested in?

If you want to find out more about how JUTE connects with artists and want to plug into our programs, learn more about us – come and see our shows, find out about our developmental programs, send us your CV, introduce yourself via email or come and see us- we want to know you, we want to extend our network to you.


JUTE Theatre Company holds Open Auditions every year.

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Sponsors and partners are more than just a means of financially supporting our JUTE Theatre Company productions and programs. JUTE believes in creating relationships that make a difference in the way people, businesses and communities see themselves and each other. We believe that joining hands together with other theatre companies, individual artists and with businesses who want to invest in the Arts creates more joy, more understanding, better regions, greater opportunities and more capacity for the entire arts sector in our region.


JUTE volunteers generously invest their passion and skills – we are the envy of many companies! Volunteers contribute in many individual ways to the success and continued growth of the company.

Our volunteer program holds a range of benefits for those wishing to offer their time and skills to theatre productions. Volunteer opportunities range from Front of House (ushering & ticket sales), Production (stage walking, Set & prop making support & prop making), Marketing, Events and Administration.

People volunteer for lots of different reasons, including skill development, social networking, an opportunity to give back and for new experiences – whatever your reason, JUTE Theatre Company can provide you with a friendly, positive and rewarding experience in the
theatre environment. Volunteering at JUTE is on a show-by-show basis. It’s entirely up to you as to how many shows you commit to in a year. All volunteers receive a complimentary ticket to the production they have dedicated their time to work on.

Below are the volunteer positions available within the company, along with details of the time commitment and the tasks. Please note the positions and time commitments are an approximate as these vary for each production.