Write Sparks

The 2024 Write Sparks 101 program is open for submissions to February 23, 2024

Do you have a story you feel passionate about? 

Do you have a story idea itching to be heard? Consider learning stage writing with Write Sparks 101. This course offers more than just the basics, providing professional development opportunities for performance writers in Far North Queensland and beyond.

JUTE, has been offering writing development courses since 1998. In 2016, we introduced Write Sparks, which has supported over 35 writers in exploring their passion projects. Several writers from this program have seen their works produced:

  • 2019: Sasi Victoire’s “Alice in The Antipathies” had its first professional production with JUTE, co-produced by JUTE and Masakini Theatre Company of Malaysia.
  • 2020: Laurie Trott’s “To Kill A Cassowary,” an entertaining eco-warrior script, went into production and was remounted in March 2021.
  • 2022: Two more works from Write Sparks program participants received productions: Sue Chamberlain’s hard-hitting political drama “Queenslander” and the working-class comedy drama “I is Maggie” by Dennis Macintosh and Saengthien Klamkaew.
  • 2023: Marilyn Marsh-Booth’s powerful semi-autobiographical work, “Higher Faster Louder,” went into production.

More new works are under consideration for 2024 and 2025.

Join us for professional development and unleash your professional performance writing potential!


The program cost is $400. (the program is heavily subsidised by JUTE, and the program represents a full value of $900)

The 2024 Write Sparks 101 program will be open for submissions from November 1, 2023 to February 23, 2024. 


2024 DATES: April – JUNE

APRIL 15, 22 and 29, 6-9pm
Module 1: Finding Story
Module 2: The Hero
Module 3: The Big Idea

MAY 7, 13, 20, 27, 6-9pm
Module 4. Seven Stages of Story- Part 1
Module 4 Seven Stages of Story- Part 2
Module 5. Mapping story – Part 1
Module 5: Mapping Story – Part 2

JUNE 3, 10, 17, 6-9pm
Module 6. Plotting
Module 7 : Dialogue and Action
Module 8: Putting It Together

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION of script excerpt: JULY 1, 2024
PUBLIC PLAY READING: Thursday, July 11 6-9pm. Talking about the work you’ve developed.
MODULE 9 : Readings- scenes of script from all participants to be read by professional actors

About Write Sparks

Interviews with former Write Sparks participants and Writers-in-Residence

2024 JUTE Actors Studio Pathways Program Script call out

JUTE Theatre Company and Overall Arts are calling for playwrights from Cairns and district to write a one-hour script to be performed by young people aged 16-18 years old. 

The selected play will be workshopped and developed through JUTE’s Professional Pathway Program in 2024, by a group of young emerging actors who are seeking a professional career in the theatre sector under the direction of a professional director and in a professional setting. 

The script will go on to be produced by JUTE’s Pathways Program in a short season at Bulmba-ja Arts Centre in late November/early December 2024. 

Important dates: 

Opening Date: 20 December 2023
Closing Date: February 9, 2024