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JUTE Actors Studio offers quality professional theatre training for young people aged 9 to 18+.

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2020 Annual Fee

Bulmba-ja Arts Centre

96 Abbott St, Cairns QLD


Not applicable

2020 Dates

Every Wednesday

Term 3 – 29 July to 16 September 2020

Class Groups & Times

9 to 12 yrs | 3.45pm to 4.45pm

13 to 17 yrs | 5pm to 6.30pm

18 yrs + | 7pm to 9pm

Enrolments for Term 3 are now closed

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Term 4 Dates – To be announced

Term Prices

$190 – 9 to 12 yrs
$210 – 13 to 17 yrs
$240 – 18 yrs+

If you are excited about the idea of developing your acting skills, and especially if you are serious about a career in the performing arts, then JUTE Actors Studio will give you the edge you need. Our weekly classes are designed to deepen your understanding of acting as a professional practice.

You will need a sense of play, imagination, intelligence and a passion for theatre. Prior experience is desirable but not essential. We do expect a disciplined commitment to the training however. Each of our theatre school facilitators are experienced industry professionals who deliver the classes in close consultation with JUTE’s creative team. You’ll be given expert stage training for voice, stage craft, movement, script analysis and ensemble work.

Enrolment ensures you begin a career relationship with the company creatives, that you are nurtured and respected as an artist, and that you are plugged in to company activities.

As part of your enrolment you will be invited to attend special preview performances of JUTE productions, invited to company readings, and delivered industry event information relevant to your professional development via our Facebook page and JUTE Newsletters.

All JAS students are encouraged and supported to take part in JUTE’s annual general auditions.

JUTE Theatre Company is genuinely interested in increasing your professional skills and giving you opportunities to shine as an artist.

What Our Students Have To Say:


Having been enrolled in JUTE theatre company for three years now, I can say with honesty, that I have learned and experienced immeasurably through the programs and opportunities that JUTE had to offer. I had one of my most memorable experiences with JUTE when I was 12 years old. I was cast in a production titled ‘Mr Takahashi’ – Directed by the wonderful Suellen Maunder in 2017. This was very exciting for me to work amongst a group of well-known, Australian actresses and perform multiple shows within a professional, creative environment. I really did feel like an actress!  I also had many other honourable opportunities through JUTE such as performing with a community of a cast in a musical earlier last year titled ‘Beginnings’ – where we had the privilege of performing in front of an audience of three thousand! And late last year, I had the opportunity to have my first experience in front of a screen, where I worked for a JUTE theatre campaign.

Throughout these enriching opportunities and many more JUTE not only supported me through my creative journey enabling me to extend my acting skills, knowledge of theatre and experience in the industry, but assisted me in gaining soft skills such as public speaking, teamwork and work ethic, and growing my self-confidence and self-identity.

Having JUTE theatre school in Cairns really gives an opportunity to every young person like me, to express their individuality and thrive for their own goals. It especially meant to me, that my dreams of becoming an actress and my passion for the creative arts could be taken seriously. JUTE provided me with resources and inspiration to follow my dreams and belief that I one day will achieve them. Without a doubt, I could not be who, and where I am today, without the opportunities that enrolling in JUTE theatre school had offered me.



I originally decided to complete a term of acting classes because I wanted to deal with some personal issues around dealing with public speaking and discovering more about who I AM.

I did indeed find that I was able to delve directly into my fear of public speaking and this has led to a lot of personal development as I wanted.

This however is not all that I discovered. I discovered so much more, which has helped in every part of my life, I learned techniques to reduce stress, I learned to have a lot of fun, I discovered so much about myself that I was able to discover a almost child like awe at the world which wasn’t there before starting this. I discovered how to explore my feelings and apply them to characters and situations which I would previously not of thought possible. I learned to see words in ways which i never looked at before, I could feel the thousand ways which words can speak instead of the one way which something was once read.  I learned how to talk to and speak in the language of emotions and learn how to project feeling. I learned how to control voice, to learn how to resonate my voice and project it.

I have had may coaches through my business in the last couple of years, but none of this prepared me for the discovery which there is in acting classes.

Even if you never intend to become an actor, I would still highly recommend doing these classes. The cross over lessons to normal life are so valuable that they will empower you so much more in every way.   Your normal life will become more empowered. You will become more effective.

Finally in this I have discovered a joy, a joy to enjoy the company of creative people who are on a journey to explore the possibilities which come with acting.

I can honestly say that I love being apart of this. It is a brilliant, wonderful experience this journey to become an actor.



Meet the Facilitators:

Natalie Taylor – Head Facilitator

Natalie grew up in Cairns and studied acting at James Cook University in Townsville. She has been an industry professional since 2002, performing that year in her first JUTE theatre production – a highly acclaimed one woman show, Junk Rooms.

In 2003, Natalie moved to Sydney to deepen her acting experience and there she performed in a variety of theatre productions; short films, commercials, feature films, TV shows and toured throughout Australia and New Zealand for two years performing for a Theatre in Education Company.

In 2014, she returned to Cairns where she has been engaged further as an actor in a number of JUTE productions including At Sea, Starring Up and Here We All Are. Assembled. as well as facilitating at JUTE Actors Studio.  She has a wealth of teaching experience with a keen focus on script analysis and character work. JUTE are delighted she has returned to teach in 2019 Term 2 JUTE Actors Studio.

Mark Sheppard – Guest Facilitator

Mark Sheppard is a Muluridgi/Mbarbarram Murri from the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland and has been involved in the Performing Arts as an actor, writer, clown and dancer since high school. Mark attended the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) many years ago and has worked with Theatre Companies all across this country.

Predominately working as an Actor and Comedian, Mark has spent much of his working career performing touring shows throughout Queensland and Australia.  

A chameleon in the industry, Mark has ventured into dance and even clowning, with Debase Productions and Circus Oz.

Mark was also in the original cast of the JUTE, Queensland Theatre De Base co-production of  The Longest Minute and undertakes the Dare to Dream remote tour of the remount of this show in 2019. In 2018 and 2019, his script in development, Synaesthesia Part 2, received a full creative development in Cairns with JUTE Theatre Company in preparation for a 2020 production. He facilitated Term 4 of JUTE Actors Studio 2018 with a theatrical clowning curriculum and Term 1 of 2019 with monologue and audition training.

Karen Crone – Guest Facilitator

Karen Crone is a highly regarded industry professional with nearly 40 years’ experience as a theatre-maker director, actor, choreographer, teacher and mentor. Karen has been an integral part of the performing arts in Queensland for a long time, and her tenure as Associate Lecturer at CQUniversity Cairns Campus is proof of her dedication, skilful craft and passion for the industry. Not only is she a performing artist, but she has also dedicated herself to creating employment for others as well as passing on her industry knowledge through engaged teaching. If you are looking for a positive and passionate experience, you will be more than delighted with her high calibre outcomes.

In the last two years Karen has headed up the acting strand of the BCA for CQUni in Cairns. She has been working with young regional artists, building their skills and expertise ready for the challenging road of an artistic career.

During the last couple of years Karen has been seen as the Mad Hatter in RapidFire’s production of Alice in Wonderland. This has been touring the country and there is the possibility of an international tour in the not too distant future. JUTE is very proud to have Karen as an associate of JUTE Actor Studio and welcome her guest facilitation and support of the school.

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