Write Sparks

Write Sparks offers beginners and intermediate writers the opportunity to tell their stories while learning the skills of writing for performance. Participants will experience and learn how to progress their work from strength to strength through the structured support of award-winning playwright and dramaturge, Kathryn Ash.

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The program is run over three residencies delivered throughout a 6-month period running from Friday afternoons through to Sunday afternoons (15 hours of intensive hands on development per residency), and also features a number of personal dramaturgical sessions with Kathryn to help craft your ideas. These residencies will not only be an amazing opportunity to work your craft through activities and writing exercises but will also build a great network of peers. A limited number of participants will be able to attend the annual JUTE Playwrights’ Retreat, a weekend of fun, writing and play-reading. Participants will be aiming to develop a full first draft of a script for performance by the end of the year.

Residency 1

Friday October 25: 2-7pm 

Saturday October 26: 10-4pm

Sunday October 27: 10-4pm

Cairns Performing Arts Centre

Residency 2

Friday November 8: 2-7pm 

Saturday November 9: 10-4pm

Sunday November 10: 10-4pm

Cairns Performing Arts Centre

Residency 3

Friday November 29: 2-7pm 

Saturday November 30: 10-4pm

Sunday December 1: 10-4pm

Cairns Performing Arts Centre

JUTE recognises that the future of vibrant theatre depends on diverse individuals exploring and cultivating their creativity. JUTE honours diversity and inclusion and we encourage everyone to take the plunge and explore our theatre making programs.

Writers in Residence Program

To develop the scripts coming out of Write Sparks 101, JUTE supports writers through their Writers-in-Residence program giving them dramaturgical support throughout the year

If you are interested in joining this exciting program in 2019, please keep your eye out for our annual call for applications in mid 2019.


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